Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When other things come up...

Sorry I haven't blogged lately. I've been busy with other things like senior show stuff, work, and other classes. Which I suppose is appropriate for this project because lots of things have just come up.

I make to do lists every day so that I know what needs to be done and it also tends to make you feel better when everything is crossed off. Therefore, for this project I took all my recent to do lists and clustered them together but there are things being done on them and things that aren't crossed off. I've been working very hard to get them all done but then I got a call just before my presentation saying "You're grandfather fell and broke his hip. He's in the ICU now... I didn't want to tell you before your presentation..."

So for a week he was in the ICU and all I could think about is him and going home. Asking people for their prayers. Asking people to pray even if they didn't pray. Just hope. It's murder when you feel like you can't do anything about something.  This project I decided to have all my to do lists on a board and project pictures of my grandfather on them. Sometimes at a few seconds at a time, then others at 30 seconds at a time. Sometimes you can see the to do lists and read them but mostly they are covered by the pictures. I hope to give people the confusion I had. Do you look at the pictures of the to do lists?

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